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30 July 2009 @ 01:08 am
Title: Afraid of Forgetting
Author: thebohoproducer 
Rating: K+
Word Count: ~337
Pairing: Josh (POV) with mentions of Joe/Violet
Disclaimer: I do not own 9 to 5 or it's characters
Spoilers: Nah not really.
Summary: No I don't mind Joe. I don't mind him at all. I'm just scared that he and my dad won't be able to co-exsist in my memories.
Author's note: MY FIRST 9 to 5 CHARACTER FIC! YAY!
Author's Note #2: I am working on a Joe/Violet fic but I thought I'd get the ball rolling with a Josh POV about Joe/Violet. I hope you enjoy

Okay it's not that I don't like Joe, I mean I like him just fine. He's good to her. He really is, he's someone I feel I could trust to take good care of my mom. But, he just. It's weird.

Dad died four years ago, I remember it well. I was 13, and I remember my mom just had such a hard time telling me what had happened. It was like she lost part of herself, of course, she lost her husband of almost 15 years! I couldn't blame her. And she never really was herself again, she just pushed against the grain and kept on moving.  I had to admit I was kinda trying to get her laid, as weird as that is for a 16 year old trying to push his mom to do. But I thought that'd bring my old mom back, the one that was married to my dad. And then Joe came along.

That's the weird part. Joe Rieff, her new boyfriend, he moved in with us a few months. And I'm scared to say, I'm afraid of forgeting my dad. I mean, here's Joe, he was there when I was being sent off to my Junior prom, and my mom cried over how handsome I looked in my rented tux standing next to my date. And Joe was there when I broke my leg skate boarding. In fact he was just about as worried as she was. It's like he's doing everything dad would be doing, and I don't know if he's trying to help my mom by being there to support her with everything or if he's trying to fill in for my dad. The latter is was I'm afraid of. What if he does, then I forget about everything my dad did with me.

No I don't mind Joe. I don't mind him at all. I'm just scared that he and my dad won't be able to co-exsist in my memories.
The Great Work Begins.thebohoproducer on August 24th, 2009 06:49 am (UTC)
THANK YOU! I'm glad you like it. I am working on an ACTUAL Joe/Violet fic right now.
I just was thinking you know Josh has to have some feelings about it, having his dad die then having a new guy come in.

I'm GLAD you enjoyed it! SO MUCH!